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360 Lab is a technology innovation center, which focuses on immersive technology for all facts of life. With over 100 full time employees and 30+ patents issued and pending our business model is to license the technology to partners for equity within their existing or combined businesses.






"Conceptualize, develop and implement unique technologies to intesify user experiences through immersive and interactive content."
Our Portfolio

IC Real Tech is a technology company that prides itself on its ingenuity and simplicity in creating state of the art video technology. With an established distribution infrastructure. IC Real Tech is able to provide highly sophisticated video hardware with cutting-edge proprietary software.


360 Racing is a sports entertainment technology company which helps produce immersive viewing experiences. We work with Sport organization and broadcasters to set up.



Conducted by Nikolay Shturkin and Ivan Onuchin, the 360 Lab stresses the importance of maximum utility while maintaining the beauty of simplicity. With a multitude of our team having achieved a Ph.D or the equivalent in their field. Due to the thousands of hours of work the team has spent together, they have developed an efficient process to rapidly innovate, allowing quick market adoption, and elasticity in the partnerships we create. Within a decade of the teams’ fruition they have been able to complete numerous projects that many consider to be ahead of their time, this is why we have multiple granted patents in addition to dozens more pending. Some of our projects are so far ahead of their time, that we have to create a new market for them!
360 Degree Dashcam

360 Degree Dashcam

360-degree automotive surveillance system (dash cam) uses and immersive video player to allow you to view what is going on inside and outside of your car. There are usually two distinct types of in-car cameras existing for automotive surveillance. The first camera looks outside of the vehicle to capture a front/rear view video of the car. The second type of camera is designed to view activity inside of the car. In our approach, one panoramic camera is being used to record both views.

No Glasses

No Glasses

Is a technology that improves the quality of the images on your mobile phone or tablet in accordance with your eyesight. No Glasses is constantly tracking the distance between the user’s eyes and the device using the front camera. Based on this distance, No Glasses calculates image transformation to compensate for the distortion of the image, which occurs as a result of impaired vision. There are certain restrictions depending on your type of visual impairment.

Immersive Smart Phone

Immersive Smart Phone

We posses' technology patents and some prototypes that allow for a 360 by 360 degree camera be integrated into a slim mobile phone. This nano technology uses our unique software to capture video and photos of everything that is around the phone. Imagine holding your phone up above your head at a concert and capturing the entire atmosphere, all at once. Now imagine having the ability to playback, relive, and share the moment with your friends and family.

People Wipe

People Wipe

PeopleWipe is a application that allows the user to remove objects from photos of videos which are obstructing their field of view.

Partnerships and Technical Alliances


The ALLie is featured in a special showcase debuting Youtube’s 360º video player at YouTube headquarters.


Live streaming exploration for uses of 360° cameras in and around nascar venues.


Using snapdragon 800 & 810 processors at the heart of our technology.


Technical exploration of our live streaming and recorded 360° video technology for network broadcast usage.

Formula E

Ongoing technical alliance for the development immersive video broadcast technology.


Partnership program to develop collaboration with 360 for on board and static viewing experiencing.

24H Le Mans

Pilot program to introduce second screen 360° technology capabilities at the 24 hour of le mans.


Joint effort research and development program for Gen2 camera with transmission capabilities.


First-ever 360 degree technology captured in a mobile phone.


Partnership to expand full 360º technology cameras and virtual reality.

Miss Universe

Partnership to broadcast immersive beauty experience through second screen technology.

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